Dead Sea Cosmetics

One of the benefits of living in Jordan is to be at the source of Dead Sea products. Besides the real Dead Sea, which is just 50 km from Amman, you get a wide range of Dead Sea cosmetic providers. Trinitae was the second label I tried and it immediately became my favourite. The products are all local, organic, recyclable and made without animal testing, to mention just a few advantages. Below, I will present some of the products I use regularly.



Aromatherapy Food Loofah Soap: Herbal Citrus – Price: 7 USD

Also available:  Sweet orange and Lavender

The Food Loofah Soap is a nice alternative to typical “do it yourself” food treatments. It comes with a sponge, which helps remove old skin. The soap, which is surrounded by the sponge, is available in three different smells. It´s a good option while waiting for the upcoming pedicure appointment.


Mineral Dead Sea Salt Scrub: Peach & Mango – Price: 25 USD

Also available: Citrus, Pomegranate & Berry and Lavender & Geranium

The Dead Sea Salt Scrub is my favourite product from Trinitae. It smells absolutely fantastic, especially the Peach & Mango and the Pomegranate & Berry Scrub. I use it once a week to prevent cellulite.  To get the best results, I recommend using the scrub with a sisal-glove.

scrub-1 scrub2

Original Body Lotion: Price  20 USD

The Original Body Lotion smells like vanilla. I use it just for special occasions, like when I go out for dinner or something. The lotion is absorbed quickly and the smell stays for a long time. You practically don´t need any perfume!


Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask: Price  28 USD

The Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask is suitable for all skin types. To be honest, the mask smells awful, but this is something you might need to overcome when using a natural product. Besides the awful smell, which disappears after you put the mud on your face, it is a great treatment. Shortly after you remove it, you will definitely notice the result…- a fresh and glossy skin. I typically use it 2 to 3 times a month.


The Soap House

The Trinitae Soap House is located on Al-Rainbow Street in Amman. Although you can buy the products almost everywhere in town, I prefer to buy them in the soap house. The atmosphere and wonderful smell inside the store, the beautiful garden and the city view makes it a special shopping experience.

store1store-3 store2 store5

Cheers with sunbeams.

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