Jordan_Introducing Amman – City of 19 Hills

…even though once built over 7 hills…

It started 2 years ago as an adventure. Now, Amman has become my new hometown. Where mosques are built next to churches, a westernized city with an authentic Arab charm.

With this I like to show you some of the most beautiful places that I explored, starting in downtown, then moving to some of Amman`s impressive roof tops and shopping malls. Just a brief overview of what the city has to offer.

Downtown… where you can buy everything you need. Certainly for less money – compared to the expat-driven areas. Everytime I´m here I treat myself to fresh self-made juice – ready to dive into Arabic atmosphere. I enjoy sitting on the street, watching the street life and listening to the sound of the mosque. And then, there is downtown at night; little like Christmas all year round. I´m especially pulled downtown during Ramadan, watching the many moon and star shaped colourful blinking lights hanging from the buildings.

downtown-1 downtown-2

Also located in downtown is the Roman Theater as you can see in the following photo.


The Amman Citadel is one of the most popular sights in Amman. Besides the ancient excavations, it is a wonderful place for a picnic with a panoramic city view.


Al-Rainbow Street is one of my favourite places in Amman – not only because of the huge offer in bars and roof top restaurants. A westernized street with everything you might be looking for – a fun night out with friends or just to relish the chaotic Arab street life.


A Mosque next to Church… Probably a very self-explaining shot; it just makes you feel welcome.


Shopping – Amman’s malls have extraordinary architecture. It´s always a pleasure to shop there. Unfortunately, the prices are a lot higher than in Europe. But there is nothing that can stop me from getting the newest trends.

City Mall –Where you can find a lot of international brandscity-mall-1

Taj Mall Where you can find expensive international brandstores combined with a selection of nice restaurantstaj-mall-1

Abdali Mall  – A new mall with impressive architectureabdali-mall-6abdali-mall-2

Roof tops in Amman are located all over the 19 hills, as the headline may have already told you. The selection of roof top restaurants is huge; three choices are below to give you a glimpse. Tasty food, delicious drinks with an unforgettable view.

The Loft – A cosy place for having lunch or having fancy drinksthe-loft-3

Cantaloupe Rainbow Street – An elegant place for Dinnercantaloupe-rainbow-1

Salud Beer Garden – A nice Place for finger food and happy hour drinkssalud-beer-garden

So far for introduction… certainly continuing.

Cheers with sunbeams.

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