Jordan_Christmas in Amman

Coming from Austria, where everything shines and blinks starting by October, I wasn’t expecting much of that Christmas spirit in a Muslim country. I was surprised that around the Second Advent shopping malls and foreigner populated restaurants and bars begin to decorate for Christmas – just as in Europe. For an Austrian, three weeks before Christmas it´s kind of late, but a person who likes to avoid any Christmas stress (like me) it´s a perfect scene. Since living in Jordan I understood what it means to be relaxed while Christmas shopping.

Taj Mall -Shopping Center christmas1christmas-2

Handmade Christmas items christmas-13

There is almost nothing you can´t find including all kinds of blinking decorations, poinsettias, Advent wreaths, Christmas cookies and even gingerbread. It´s fun strolling through the malls looking at all these decorations and trees. Even more surprising are the friendly and relaxed salesmen (compared to Austria). One time, the owner of a shop gave me a small Christmas present, and watching him while doing that, he seemed happier about it than me. Just amazing!

Cozmo Store Taj Mall christmas-3

I heard about an annual event in Amman called ‘Christmas at the Boulevard’. It takes place in the neighbourhood of Abdali, a very modern and newly constructed area. The Boulevard is a part of this area with supreme shops and restaurants.  I was really surprised by the gorgeous decorations, huge Christmas tree and local Christmas choirs. The Christmas stalls sell handmade Jordanian gifts but also mulled wine and roasted chestnuts.

christmas-12 christmas-5 christmas-4

Christmas in Jordan is not what I expected at all. There is so much on offer…even hotels that have Christmas bazaars which also serve a special dinner on Christmas Eve. It was a big surprise for me, but a very joyful one.

❆❆❆ Only 11 days until Christmas. ❆❆❆

Cheers with sunbeams.

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