My Top FIVE Fragrances

Loving the smell of fresh flowers and burning scented candles almost every day; so it isn’t a surprise, I´m simple obsessed with perfumes.

But… ‘How to pick the right one?’

Allegedly, one thousand new perfumes are released on the market every year! In my opinion, this is certainly too many – especially too many bad ones side-tracking from the right decision. In the past, I spent too much money for cheap perfumes. Normally, I´m not with the opinion “quality is a matter of price”, but in case of perfumes it is. It took me years to find my top selection.

Looking for a new perfume, I gather information around new trends in beauty magazines or commercials. For me, duty-free shops at airports are among the best spots going through new tastes. First of all, the salesmen are mostly far better versed with their products. Second, because we are often not in a rush while waiting for the flight, we are in a better mood to spend money and not saving at the wrong place – in my opinion. Third (and this is the best part) most of the products in a duty-free shop are much cheaper.

Besides the scent, which is obviously most important, I like the below listed FIVE because of their nice looking bottles :-).

(But honestly, it is truly a matter of taste)


1. Gucci – Premiére

Price: 75 ml – approximately 115 USD

Seller’s description:

  • Heart notes of orange blossom and musk
  • Base notes of patchouli and sandalwood
  • A sophisticated woody musky fragrance


2. Burberry – Burberry London

Price: 50 ml – approximately 74 USD

Seller’s description:

  • Gentle top notes of rose and honeysuckle
  • Deep heart notes of tiare flower, jasmine and peony and a hint of fresh clementine zest
  • Solar notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli add a subtle warmth to create an inspiring fragrance


3. Jimmy Choo – Illicit

Price: 60 ml – approximately 85 USD

Seller’s description:

  • Notes of ginger and orange, at the heart, rose and jasmine, and finished with base notes of honey, amber and sandalwood.


4. Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

Price: 80 ml – approximately 119 USD

Seller’s description:

  • Top Note: Neroli, bitter orange and raspberry
  • Heart Note: Orange flower absolute and jasmine absolute
  • Base Note: Honey and patchouli



5. Paco Rabanne – 1 Million (For Men)

Price: 50 ml – approximately 60 USD

This one is usually for men, but I think it´s also a good fragrance for women.

Seller’s description:

  • Top Note: Blood mandarin and peppermint
  • Heart Note: Rose absolute and cinnamon
  • Base Note: Leather accord and amberketal


Cheers with sunbeams.


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