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Perugia: Capital City of Umbria

Perugia: Capital City of Umbria

Perugia isn´t necessarily one of the most famous cities, but definitely worth a visit.

Perugia – a medieval city with good potential being the location of the bestseller ‘The Perfume’ by Patrick Süskind – (which is, by the way, one of my favorite books). A hundred of stairs guiding you through the city up to its top – the old town. You pass narrow alleys beautifully illuminated, leading you to panoramic views of the Umbrian landscape surrounded by vineyards.

At the time we visited the city, they started to set up for the annual famous ‘Eurochocolate Festival’. Unfortunately, the festival started two days after we left, but lucky me, the city is full of, sweet, smelling chocolate stores. The most famous and one of my favorite chocolate bar is ‘Baci’ – the ‘Kiss’. Although, the name of the city of Perugia is part of the chocolate wrapping I never recognized its origin.

Apart from the many chocolate stores, there are plenty of Italian restaurants where you can try various Umbrian wines (and don´t forget) the tasty Umbrian traditional ‘Umbricelli’ pasta dish.

Perugia – a romantic city with an antique charm in the heart of Italy. In below, some photographs of the sights and charming places the city has to offer.


Le Stanze di Galileo – for my husband and me, choosing the right place to stay is essential for a neat trip (it´s almost a hobby).  Mostly, we are looking for small and hospitable accommodation with fancy architecture in a good location. This time we found the apartment ‘La Stanze di Galileo’ and we got the Eros Room – a very cozy and romantic vintage styled loft. Maybe the loft is not everyone´s taste, and to be honest – I normally I like modern and clean line furniture, but in this case the owner did an excellent job. There are stairs to the bedroom – an open space with a huge twin bed, gorgeous interior – and a window with a lovely view to one of the city´s alleys. What I loved most were the many different-looking lights scattered throughout the loft.

Cheers with sunbeams.


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