Tel Aviv_Lively Spot at the Mediterranean Coast

Heading to Tel Aviv by hired car. Just a drive of approx. 1 ½ hour from Jerusalem towards the Mediterranean Sea.

In my imagination, Tel Aviv was always a city full of modern, but ugly skyscrapers. But it clearly isn’t. Yes, there are a lot of skyscrapers, one can find them unpleasant, but alternated by old restored buildings and artistically scribbled graffiti walls, giving the city a special vibe.

Even if you do not expect it – the seashore and the water is absolutely clean. You can experience the expensive beach bars, or you can also just buy your own food and drinks and make a picnic directly on the beach. Especially, after sunset the beach morphs into a relaxed hang-out zone.

tel-aviv-12 tel-aviv-4 tel-aviv-6

Known as party location of the Middle East, the city is full of young international people with a very relaxed lifestyle. In my opinion, it´s a land of milk and honey for people looking for a buzzy nightlife as well as people not into the usual mass tourism. From chic wine bars to art ´gallery bars´ or just a relaxed pub; Tel Aviv’s nightlife has it all (just to mention one, the Rothschild Boulevard, one of my favourite places for a night out).

But there are still calm places like Old town. Taking a walk along the beach, especially at night with a view to the luminous city skyline, is an amazing experience. During day you find lots of street markets, shops and restaurants.


A much more modern market is the Sarona Market. Outside it is surrounded by lots of chic restaurants, (a really nice area to spend the day), inside, what is actually the market, you can find, besides the usual vegetables, fruits etc., lots of small bars and high-quality local and international food. It´s the only market in the world where you can get a trout-shawarma (like the owner told me), which, by the way, tasted fantastic.


tel-aviv-14 tel-aviv-15 tel-aviv-16

I really like to recommend our apartment we booked for this trip. It was the apartment – Selected Tel Aviv/Hayarkon Street 35. It´s a modern furnished Apartment, with a location which couldn’t be better. Just 1 minute walk to famous Banana Beach and a selection of bars, restaurants and grocery’s. The apartment comes with a large roof terrace with a city view, (which I loved the most), as well as a small balcony with sea view. What a nice place to hang-out before fall into the lively nightlife.

tel-aviv-7 tel-aviv-8 tel-aviv-9

Cheers with sunbeams.

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