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Mount Nebo with View to the Promised Land

Mount Nebo with View to the Promised Land

Mūsā, the taxi driver who brings us home from the 8th circle after typical Saturday’s shopping tour, once again tells us the story of his name’s fame. I have to admit it’s not the first time listening. Mūsā, or Moses, the man who found the ‘Holy Land’ while standing right at the top of Mt. Nebo looking down to Jordan Valley and Dead Sea. Even if my last trip to Mt. Nebo was already some months back it is nice memory and images I would like to share as reminded by Mūsā.


Mt. Nebo is approximately 30 km far from Amman and just right for a short weekend trip and definitely worth it. It’s another of those uncountable spots Jordan has to offer merging history, religion and culture with a breathtaking few. The site is protected and for a very little entrance fee you can walk up and have a look at all those antique places as well as the ‘newer’ ones. Over time, different buildings and churches were built on top of the older ones, which is also one reasons why the little archeological park has its attraction – even for people like me usually not seeking for every museum’s entry at the first. Plenty of ancient clay works and mosaics of the different ages guide the way uphill to the place were Moses found his destiny.

mount-4 mount-6mount-9mount-12 mount-11

Not even a thousand meter above sea level are certainly not too mountainous for an Austrian – but having the steep slopes and Wadi’s down to Dead Sea (which is far below the usual sea level) are likely enough reason for giving it this great impression. The site is beautifully surrounded by olive trees and the sparse grassland sprinkled with rocks – not sure if just stones or probably hidden monuments? Also wine shall grow here if I may believe the etiquette of one of my most frequently bought ones.

mount-14 mount-15

Not keeping it too exact with the story of Moses and leaving Mt. Nebo you can, decide either going back to Amman or Madaba, or just follow the winding street downwards to Dead Sea. I prefer the last option as it is indeed a nice piece of land Moses found for us.

mount-18 mount-19 mount-21

Cheers with sunbeams.




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