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A Muddy Day at the Dead Sea

A Muddy Day at the Dead Sea

Visiting the Dead Sea was always a dream of mine. Just 50 km from Amman, reaching the earth’s lowest elevation on land, about 400 meters under sea level. Because of the high salt content there is no sea life and also you won´t see any else action on water. So… it is quite a perfect place to just float and relax. However, there are few guidelines to follow to fully enjoy this experience. Foremost, do not shave before… I had to find out that the salty water makes it almost unbearable. Also, be careful with your eyes – I rather suggest wearing sunglasses and floating on your back. Certainly use some mud, but make sure you´re not wearing your favourite bikini since it´s almost impossible to remove the stains.

First time we visited the Dead Sea we took a cab to ‘Amman Beach’. An area with a swimming pool, a restaurant and access to the sea, which, looking backwards, I don´t really recommend. I felt little uncomfortable swimming there and the entrance fee was way too high for foreigners. But for a first impression (knowing it wasn´t the last visit) it was uncomplicated and fine.

For the second time, we decided to rent a car and to explore the Dead Sea by ourselves. Driving from Amman across the mountains towards sunrise was super special. Early morning`s sunbeams transformed the rocky landscape into naturally coloured spectacle. We passed by Wadis (dry course of a river) and finally stopped for a view directly over Dead Sea.

Because of the short distance to Amman we didn´t stay overnight this time. There are lots of public accesses to the Dead Sea, but the problem is that there are no showers (which is a must after salty bath). I´ve to admit I prefer spending my time in one of the fancy Dead Sea hotels. Some of them offer daily rates which include entry to the pool areas, an amount for lunch and drinks, and access to the private beaches. We chose ‘Holiday Inn Resort’ for 55 JOD per day/person, which is fair price for an entire day at a five star hotel. The hotel area is surrounded by the most gorgeous Mediterranean flora, and there is a huge pool area perfectly clean and maintained. There is also a pool just for adults; in my opinion a fantastic feature.

When we arrived at the hotel we first jumped into the pool to cool down. At Holiday Inn Resort’ my favourite feature is the inside water pool bar, where you can sip on a glass of beer while sitting in water surrounded by good music. The first thing down at the beach was finding the pot of Dead Sea mud, which is so famously presented in the cosmetic industry;  you find immediate help by staff and get some extra towels and free water. All over muddy I waited few minutes before heading to the sea – just floating for a while. This treatment brings swift result; a skin soft as a baby´s bottom.

To add on a final one to the above mentioned rules: end the day with most beautiful sunset – as corny as it should be.

Cheers with sunbeams.


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