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Down to the Jordan River: The Baptism Site

Down to the Jordan River: The Baptism Site

Jordan has only few rivers, but a real famous one: Jordan River.  Jordan River springs at Tiberias Lake, the ‘Sea of Galilee’, and runs along Jordan Valley into Dead Sea. The river is short but long in history. And so the story of the Baptism Site. It is right at the border between East Bank (Jordan) and West Bank – the place where Jesus was baptized by John. It is definitely among my ‘must see’ recommendations when visiting Jordan.

It is less than an hour drive from Amman to Bethany in Jordan Valley, where you can enter the guided areal. Certainly, you cannot directly enter the site as Jordan River is border area between East and West Bank. Visitors are taken by bus to the entrance, where it’s still a way to walk.

Coming closer to the site (still in the bus) suddenly three churches appear on the horizon right from the middle of nowhere. Impressive scene, but not the final place to go – the bus keeps on driving and stops some minutes later at the beginning of a beautiful pathway. The guided way leads through shrub and tree lands, a little like a botanic garden, to the Baptism Site. And there it is:

Indeed it touches one standing right in front. Around the site there are plenty of ancient fragments and mosaics. And certainly… some more churches. One very impressing Greek Orthodox with a golden top for example.

From the Greek Church it’s only few meters down to the river. It is certainly not the size of the river which brings the fame – in fact it’s only a (very good) jump to the other side (But I wouldn’t recommend to try) J  Plenty of people on both sides of the river use the chance to touch the spiritual flow; some even use the chance for getting baptized. I preferred just watching the scene.

Cheers with sunbeams.



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