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Ma’in Hot Springs: Wellness Oasis in the Desert

Ma’in Hot Springs: Wellness Oasis in the Desert

Two years ago, when Stefan (my husband) and I were exploring Dead Sea area, we discovered plenty of steep Wadis, beautiful canyons down to Dead Sea. Among the most impressive ones: Wadi Ma’in with its Hot Springs. That time we only spent a couple of hours there to catch a glimpse of the waterfalls and to have a rest. From that day on I often thought about that place and all its wellness opportunities – as I found through my online recherché. Should be a perfect place for a relaxed girl’s weekend… which I finally did this year.

Normally, the Ma’in Hot Springs Resort & Spa is a high budget place, but during Ramadan you can have a good deal – we were lucky to get a Twin Room including breakfast, per night for 140 JOD/~170 €. Nice side effect – because of the holy month – we had the entire Spa almost alone. Truly relaxing.

After check in the hotel manager showed us the amenities of the area and our beautiful room. Furnished with natural materials, colourful decorations and a balcony with a spectacular view over the valley. We felt very welcome and couldn’t wait to investigate this stunning place ourselves. Totally overwhelmed by the architecture of the resort we took a crazy amount of pictures ,)…

At the pool and waterfall area, of course an ice cold beer in hand as first activity, I decided to give the pool a try. Water temperature was around 35 degrees, air temperature around 30! First step into the water was not really refreshing, but after a few minutes under waterfall-rebuilding (a fountain, which discharged hot spring water directly into the pool) I could feel the relaxation. The real Hot Springs are just a 100 meters away – so I had a perfect view from where it comes. The surrounding rocks are shimmering, often in yellowish colour, which comes from the elements from the ground and the washed out earth. I found out later, because of the massive stones coming down the Wadi from time to time, the structure was also for the guests safety. For me personally it didn’t make any difference; I couldn’t stop watching the waterfall from the distance and its tropical fauna framed by the bare canyon rocks.

A natural sauna, also located around the pool area, and also heated by the hot springs, is a highlight for those seeking for a posh retreat to relax. For me the sauna was way too hot – the life guard told me around 50 degrees, so I just took a quick look. Definitely one of the most beautiful saunas I’ve ever seen, admitting that I am not the best reference. But one thing for sure, I shouldn’t forget to hint that to my mother in law (a sauna pro) when she visits us next time.

The Cascade Spa, located directly beneath one of the natural hot spring waterfalls, is just a few minutes’ walk from the Resort. The house is breath-taking as well as the treatment prices… so I decided to skip this part… but my friend took a food massage for I think 90 JOD/~110€. After the treatment, and still amused about the price, she told me it was worth trying mainly because of the unique atmosphere.

Later that day we had lunch at the restaurant’s terrace absorbing the hazy sunset and blurrily imagining Dead Sea and West Bank on the other side.

Next day, after quite stellar breakfast, we were certainly around that waterfall-pool-area for a last time. Well… it didn’t take long and we decided to stay for whole afternoon as a late check out was not a problem – such a nice service.

My resume: although the vast array on wellness treatments, it is not solely a place for those seeking for Spa opportunities. Doubtless a place for everyone thirsty for a quiet time in welcoming and fine architecture resort surrounded by a magnificent nature. A true desert oasis.

Cheers with sunbeams.



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