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The Taste of Jordan

The Taste of Jordan

Living in Amman made me a hunter for the special: food, wine… perhaps taste in general. There are many well-known places and also hidden ones, but beyond that, always new spots to discover. Just lately, when I was strolling over Abdali Boulevard, a modern area with restaurants and shops in central Amman, I got curious about the elegant interior of the JR Wines Experience. I was in a rush; I didn’t have a chance to see it from the inside at that time, but the welcoming front yard was reason enough bookmarking the location as a venue for an upcoming treat.

Lucky me, it didn’t take long coming back for that. In fact, I was invited to the ‘JR Experience’ few days ago. Glad to share my impressions now…

Entering the location and grabbing the headline of one of the flyers for take-away ‘When the mountain’s snow meets the basalt desert’ made me curious right away. Reading further, it tells a story about Mafraq basalt desert, home of the JR vineyards, how the upland’s mountain water travels towards the rocky basalt ground and eventually feeding the fruity and colourful desert grapes. For their trial and taste, for me, and I guess for most of the visitors, JR’s Wines Experience at Abdali Boulevard doesn’t hold back its origin. Natural materials from the desert’s rock, olive tree wood and desert sand from the region transformed to an eye-catching, fancy interior.

You may wonder how the experience eventually functions. Well… you have options. Just visiting for a drink is certainly possible – but there is more. It’s a place to exchange, giving and getting feedback, especially by choosing the ‘Experience’. Means, you pick three different wine varieties from the wine menu accompanied by a well sorted, delicious and regional meat and cheese platters. Also accompanied: one or more joyful experts from the location exchanging thoughts with you. You will taste from your chosen (or recommended) sorts and feedback your opinion by filling a handout.

You won’t just find delicious wines, selected food and unique interior, no … you will experience a level of hospitality just great; beyond a helpful service, a waiter or sommelier, or both, will merge the taste with stories and knowledge easily turning into a delightful chat. It’s obvious that staff enjoys their work. A place to escape for a random ‘after work’ drink if preferred. Or experiencing a good glass of wine with friends and stories…

Cheers with sunbeams.

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