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Malta’s Beach Life: Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay

Malta’s Beach Life: Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay

Its Malta, it’s an island, there must be plenty of beach! Some people say so. It’s more of a rocky island with cliffs and grottos – there is no sand in Malta. Other ones told me before I went there. Well, lucky me that I can tell you the truth; both were wrong ,)

Perhaps, both were right at the same time – there are great beaches, sandy ones, and there are many cliffs, grottos and rocky coastlines without a single sandy place. However, Malta also attaches through its diversity.

Talking about sandy beaches in this blog post – let me mention just two I liked the most: Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha. Both just separated by a gigantic rock formation, which means you can visit them on one day without a rush. You will not even need a car, just prepare yourself for a short hike and the breath-taking nature.

Golden Bay may be one of the most popular ones in Malta. Although it took me almost one hour bus ride, or sometimes even longer, I spent as much time there as I could. Before arriving you will take a first peek at the sea from the hilltop. But there are still some metres to go; to eventually reach the beach you have to walk or drive down a steep street. Passing by the flourishing Mediterranean plants with your head towards the sea will certainly reward you.

Depending on the time of the year the beaches can get quite crowdie not at least because these two are the most beautiful and sandy ones your will find in Malta. But of course there are spots all over the island where you can just enter the sea. If I haven’t worshipped that enough yet – the water around the island is outstandingly beautiful almost everywhere. Unless you are not into turquoise colours…

When at Golden Bay make sure you grab a drink at Munchies Beach Bar . I loved this place as they have delicious drinks and snacks for convenient price and great, great service. If you are into water fun or up for a boat trip there are several options directly at the beach. When my little brother visited me we tried parasailing. Honesty, I was a bit scared as I’m afraid of heights in general. Certainly, I wanted to be the cool sister; it turned out I’m J for at least 15 minutes. Was a great experience. Once I also booked I boat trip directly at Borg Watersports  – but more about this adventure in an upcoming post on the Blue Lagoon.

If you prefer the real natural beaches and untouched surrounding then you will love Ghajn Tuffieha Beach. Again a sandy beach, a bit smaller compared to Golden Bay. But unlike Golden Bay you will be embraced by nothing else than nature’s rock formations, Mediterranean plants and the open sea in front. To get a swim in the crystal clear water you have to walk down the steep pathway with some stairs. Since the beach access is a bit more challenging there are (mostly) less people. But during peak-season it’s crowded all over the island anyways.

Where’s so much nature a hike is a good idea. I did that two times and I started very early in the morning to catch the sunrise. I was the only person around. It’s worth the dawn-trip, definitely, but if you are not an early bird make sure you catch up with the sunset.

Cheers with sunbeams.

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