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Gozo and a Boat Trip to Comino and the Blue Lagoon

Gozo and a Boat Trip to Comino and the Blue Lagoon

Gozo, or Għawdex in Maltese, is the second largest island of the archipelago of the Republic of Malta. Don’t miss out visiting this small beauty for an overnight stay or even a day trip. When coming from Malta you can reach the island easily by one of the daily ferry’s departing from ÄŠirkewwa – the in the northern part of Malta located ferry port.

Especially in spring, after the grey and wet winter days, the Island of Gozo has its special charm. Much more than Malta, Gozo is surrounded by plenty of natural beauty, quite untouched. You will find a rich diversity of Mediterranean plants all over the landscape and scattered small farmlands in between. The place is ideal for a hike. In early season you won’t find the tourist crowds – it almost felt like being alone on the island. We were planning on having some quiet time; we choose the area of Nadur and booked the beautiful Bed&Breakfast ‘Prescindere’. We took the Rock Centaury room with a huge terrace encircled by the blooming fields. From the distance we could also see the lights of the small town’s basilica.

I guess because of the early season at daytime there was almost no restaurant open; so we decided to buy some prosciutto and wine and to have our lunch at the terrace. For the evening we went for a walk to the centre of Nadur. The main square accommodates the impressive Nadur-Basilica and a few restaurants and coffee shops. Nothing too fancy, but if you are looking for something ‘posh’ with a local venue for dinner you should definitely try the ‘The Fat Rabbit’ restaurant. Great place with delicious and local food located directly behind the basilica.

No doubt, there is enough to explore when in Gozo. However, since we liked to keep it simple and relax we decided not to rush through the island. Our backpacks filled with antipasti and a bottle of wine our first target was a small beach called San Blas. After a hike of around 1.5 hours through densely overgrown paths the beach was exactly what we had in mind for our break.

The next day, to get a glimpse of what else than outstanding nature Gozo has to offer, we decided to visit at least the island’s capital city, Victoria, and of course the famous beach ‘Ramla Bay’. Since the weather was a bit windy we overlooked the beach just from the distance; but from what I could see, it may be a perfect spot spending the hot summer days.

Since we were not in a hurry leaving Gozo and wanted to enjoy the island’s nature as long as possible we skipped Comino for now. I heard Comino makes more sense visiting in summer anyways, when the temperatures are nice for a swim in the Blue Lagoon. Later the year, I guess it was August, I booked a speed boat ride directly at Borgs Watersport at Golden Bay, which is famous for the beach life. To be honest I was not expecting a lot from the ride to Camino, but this trip was truly fun. Watching the passing scenery while sipping on a refreshing beverage with nice house music in the background – for me the perfect set up for a chilling summer day.

The whole ride took around 1.5 hours with a short stop close by Popeye Village, which I mentioned in a previous article about ‘Blue Grotto and Popeye Village’ – just to get a quick look from the seaside. Then a short stop at a beautiful cave, which we were able to enter by boat, and finally at the Blue Lagoon and the Island of Comino. Comino is the smallest inhabited island of the Maltese archipelago with likely three inhabitants. But don’t be surprised, in summer the spot is a very popular tourist destination. The best way for a visit, in my opinion, is by a small boat rather than landing there. You can watch the small Islands’ rock formations from the distance and you will also get to take a swim in the crystal clear water through directly jumping off the boat. But in such case photos tell better stories than words…

Cheers with sunbeams.

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