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San Ä iljan, Paceville and Sliema: A Party and Food Guide

San Ä iljan, Paceville and Sliema: A Party and Food Guide

Malta’s nightlife is always bustling. Especially during summer there is almost no day without an event or something to celebrate. Such occasions range from the smaller events, such as the ‘International Food Festival’ in Mdina, to the major music events, like the ‘Isle of MTV’as well as uncountable DJ line ups all around the island. One of my favourite clubs is the Café del Mar. An outstanding location directly at the sea with the option to join amazing night events, or just chilling at the fancy infinity pool area during daytime – and of course always with awesome house music in the background. I highly recommend it when visiting Malta in summer.

The main areas for partying are Paceville and San Ä iljan. In those areas the streets are flooded with clubs and bars. If I have to compare those areas I would say Paceville is a good place for younger people, not at least because of the always and loud music everywhere and the very affordable drink offers. However, it’s for the party masses and sometimes there is a funny smell around in the bars, which is hard to overcome and definitely not something you like to have when looking for a fancy night out.  Let’s say – Paceville is party hard. The area of Paceville also accommodates a beach, the St George’s Bay, which is an artificial sand beach also known as the party beach of the island. It can get very crowdie and mostly young people are there for fun throughout the hot summer days. I was there a few times, but since it was quite much ‘spring break’ feeling for me I just took a sunbed at the ‘Paranga Beach Club’. Even if you are not a hotel guest you can rent a sunbed and umbrella for a convenient price to escape the crowdie public beach.

In case the area of Paceville sounds like too much ‘fun’, as it certainly did for me ,), then maybe San Ä iljan or Sliema are the better decisions.  You will find more elegant bars and restaurants often directly at the sea with great view – or you just take a walk along the sea-promenade. Especially when in San Ä iljan you are at a good ground when not sure in which direction the night should turn. You can start the evening by having dinner at one of the many beautiful and delicious restaurants directly at the sea, like the ‘Raffael’ restaurant, and if you feel the upcoming craving for party you can reach Paceville by a walk of just a few minutes. So, wherever you are in Malta you will find a place to have a great time tailored to your needs.

Besides their party scene those neighbourhoods are also known as touristic zones. You will find hundreds of hotels, gifts shops and several offers for trips around and beyond the island, whether by boat, or by double-decker-bus, you will find everything and more – especially in Sliema.  Plenty of shopping opportunity’s like the biggest shopping Mall in Malta which is ‘The Point’ combined with a huge selection on street cafes and fancy restaurants like the ‘MedAsia Fusion Lounge’ restaurant. I really like to recommend this one if you are into Asian food especially into Curry’s or Sushi. During the summer months there is also a trendy beach club belonging to the MedAsia chain named ‘MedAsia Playa’. I have been there once for a night swim – very nice location and worth a try, albeit just for a refreshing drink or dinner.

When in the area of Sliema/Gzira make sure you check out the urban style bar named ‘Funky Monkey’. It’s a semi indoor/semi outdoor location with convenient beverage prices and great live bands each weekend. The perfect location to chill out and having an after work ‘Cisk’, which is Malta’s famous beer brand. The bar is located on Manoel Island, which is a tiny island in the area of Gzira, next to Sliema; Malta is indeed a small island, but with a wide variety of neighbourhoods. To reach Monoel Island you just have to cross a small bridged. Make sure you walk the island up to its peak – you will have a great view towards the city of Valletta.

Also make sure you visit the Independence Garden or as the most people think of it the ‘Cat Garden’. It’s the home of lots of streets cats which are just waiting for you to be fed and cuddled. And after that lovely experience make visit ‘It-Torri’ restaurant for lunch, which is just a few minute’s walk from the garden.

There are certainly way more spots to party on the island, but the mentioned ones are some of my favourites – no bore guarantied.

Cheers with sunbeams.

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