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About Me

Hi, I’m Sabrina. Welcome to my Expat, Travel and Food Blog!

Actually, I am from Austria, but living in the Middle East since 2014.

I started ‘Sunglasses Suggested’ to share my Expat Life and the wide variety of impressions and stories collected. I’m writing about my life and experiences from Jordan, perhaps exciting you for a visit of this breath-taking country too someday. If you dare an adventure – Jordan won’t disappoint you.

The Middle East is gifted with miraculous places, but my wanderlust takes me much further. Sometimes I even stay for longer and I tell my stories about the experiences with the foreign country’s people, culture and landscapes.

During my days at home I enjoy cooking. There is also a Food section where I share local recipes aspired from my trips and home. I won’t exactly call myself a chef; its rather trying and combining various low carb but also carb dishes with a special touch.

Life changes constantly and I’m always looking forward what’s coming next. Too many places are worth to explore and catching some of the local sunbeams.