About me

 Hi, I´m Sabrina.

Welcome to my lifestyle blog.

Coming from a small town in Southern Austria, I spent almost 10 years in Vienna, where I finished school, and worked a few years in the advertising & event business. In 2014, I moved to Amman, the capital of Jordan. It seems life changes constantly, but for now, it couldn´t be better.

Let me introduce SUNGLASSES SUGGESTED, a platform to share my life, travel, fashion and food experiences. Always looking forward to what’s coming next.

In daily life, sunglasses are my favourite accessory and indispensable choice of self-expression. An essential item, smoothly fitting to every vogue. Besides my personal love for sunglasses, I chose the title due to the many of connections with holiday, summer and sun; that´s already more than enough reasons naming the blog Sunglasses Suggested.

Have a hidden look.

☼ Cheers with sunbeams ☼